Google for Education's Teacher Center is a one-stop-shop for ideas, materials, resources, and comprehensive professional learning programs. From the Teacher Center, you can participate in free, self paced training courses and even pursue Google for Education certifications that will foster professional growth and impact learning your classroom. You will also find Google product guides and product-specific training to learn more about tools that may be new to you.

Google for Education offers a growing range of Certification Programs to support educators in transforming education in their own classrooms and helping and inspiring others to do the same. Explore the different certifications Google for Education has to offer and learn about how GEG New Mexico can help you on your certification journey.

In response to the sudden school closures caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic, Google released Teach from Home, a resource for teachers, schools, and families to help keep students learning. Whether in you are working in a 100% remote learninsetting or a blended hybrid setting, these resources can provide the support you need.

GEG Global is a community of educators from all over the world to inspire communities and make the world a smaller, better place! This community hosts a ton of online PD and each session is recorded. Explore GEG Global's Professional Learning resources and learn something new today!